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Tunefull helps musicians put on shows anywhere they want, for whatever price they want, while allowing music fans to explore the emerging music scene in a unique way.



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Helping musicians own their industry

In an industry that has challenged emerging musicians to market themselves at little profit, we want to empower them with tools that can shift this standard.

Creating performance opportunities

Put on a show, gain traction with local supporters or test out new material on your own terms.

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Build dedicated fans

Unique shows at more intimate spaces encourage the interactions that make lasting impressions on fans.

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Promoting made simple

Draw the crowds in with fan recommendations, event feeds, and social media integrations

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Name your price

Set ticket prices, accept donations, or host for free

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No venue? No problem

Host from your backyard, the park or your friend's gallery, all with low cost PA equipment rentals

Accesible live shows at your fingertips.

Your city will never feel boring again.

Get the details

Plan outings with access to all the event details including images of the venue and live recordings of the musician.

Interface, selecting how many shows you'd like to see. List of 3 events

Or leave it to us

All dressed up and nowhere to go? Create a spontaneous lineup of shows to pick from instantly, all tailored to you.

Musician-led pricing

Some performances are just about playing and growing your fanbase, others are about making a living -- shows can be free, ticketed or pay-what-you-can to reach a crowd-funded goal set by the musician.

Crowd-funding bar for a musician hosted event

Building a community

The values behind our features and brand.


Support & opportunity

Facilitate performance and encourage artist-to-artist connections, while providing musicians with tools to succeed.


Embracing spontaneity

Nothing makes better memories than the unexpected. Encouraging fans to spontaneously visit shows around them speaks to the essence of building on music discovery experiences.


Meaningful connections

Small interactions make an impact in generating meaningful connections with fans; Tunefull facilitates interaction digitally and in person.


A multitude of genres

The Tunefull brand icons are built to grow with the industry; as more genres emerge, we will make sure to represent them.

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